Brake Maintenance at Prime Ford Saco

Is your Ford vehicle in need of brake maintenance or repairs? The service team at Prime Ford - Saco is here to help you every step of the way. Our service facility always strives to provide our Brunswick and Portland customers with the quality service they deserve. Now is the right time to view our frequently asked brake maintenance questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions.

The Benefits of Brake Maintenance

The biggest benefit of brake repair is the safety of you and your loved ones. Our service technicians will ensure your brakes are performing at their best. Your brakes will help prevent potential accidents. In addition, scheduling brake service frequently can also  enhance the longevity of your Ford truck or SUV. Well-maintained brakes may help prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Pickup, Delivery, & Contact Free Brake Maintenance Options

At Prime Ford - Saco, we are proud to offer complimentary vehicle pickup, delivery options, and contact-free services. Give us a call to set up a time for our team to pick up your vehicle. Once we perform the services needed, we will drop the vehicle off to you free of charge.

Your Brake Questions Answered!    

How Often Do I Need My Brakes Checked?

To make sure your Ford model is performing at its absolute best, our Ford service technicians suggest getting your vehicle's brakes checked at least once every six months.

How Long Does Brake Repair Take?

You won't be waiting around long for brake repair! Our brake service times can change depending on the number of services your vehicle receives. Typically, brake repair appointments with us can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

What is the Difference Between Rotors and Brake Pads?

Rotors and brake pads work together to make your vehicle stop. Brake pads are made from softer materials, while rotors are made from hard materials. With this in mind, you may have to replace the brake pads more often than the rotors because they are less dense.

How Long Do Rotors and Brake Pads Last?

Brake pad & rotor longevity depends on your overall driving habits, brake pads can last between 30,000-70,000 miles. Brake rotors may last about three times as long.

When Does My Car Need New Brakes?

Are you wondering if your Ford vehicle needs new brakes? There are some warning signs to look out for. For example, if you hear any squealing noises as you apply the brakes, it might be time to set up a replacement. You may also need new brakes if your car, truck, or SUV is taking longer than usual to stop.

How Much Do New Brakes Cost?

Depending on the model of your Ford vehicle, brake costs may vary. If you would like more information about the cost of new brakes, be sure to call our service center at your earliest convenience. One of our advisors will point you in the right direction.

Do You Offer Specials On Brake Repair?

Yes, Prime Ford - Saco offers discounts and coupons for brake repair services and maintenance. Please take a moment to view our offers because they are updated regularly.

Are You Looking for Brake Maintenance Services?

You will discover Ford brake maintenance and a variety of other services right here at Prime Ford - Saco. We are conveniently located for drivers who are making the trip down from the South Portland area.

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