It's easy to take your Ford's battery for granted since it's out of sight and just works the vast majority of the time. But the battery has a tough job, responsible for engine ignition and powering all of the lights and electronics. And the consequences of a dead battery can vary from inconvenient (asking a stranger for a jumpstart) to dangerous (being stuck alone in sub-freezing Brunswick temperatures), so it's important to know the symptoms of strained battery and when to have it tested or replaced.

What are indicators you may need a new battery?

You can recognize potential issues with your battery before there's a failed start by noticing a few tell-tail signs, including:

  • The Battery/Check Engine light comes on
  • Ignition seems sluggish or strained
  • You notice battery leakage or corroded terminals
  • The battery case appears swollen
  • Dimming interior or exterior lighting (especially in combination with running the AC

How often should the battery be tested or changed?

While they have a strenuous job, batteries are pretty resilient, often lasting five years more depending on conditions and driving style. Still, after the three-year mark, it's recommended to test it twice a year.

How much does a new battery cost?

Battery prices vary depending on their size, brand, and power. Additionally, some batteries have features that improve their cold-weather starting capabilities. Reach out to Prime Ford Saco to learn more about which battery your Ford needs and get a price estimate.

Schedule Ford maintenance near Brunswick and South Portland

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